mercredi 28 octobre 2009

Reporting Tool

Reporting time used in project is a boring task that most of us must do to please our manager, especially in big firm.

Why is it boring ?
Because it has no interest for the worker ? And why tell what we are doing if the work is done ?
Because we must do it multiple times ? One for the accounting departement, one for the project manager and one during team meeting ?
Because the tool are frequently slow and horrible to use ?

I think we can find many reasons to hate reporting our work time.

However It's an important thing to keep track of what are you doing for your managers but also your coworker and even for you.

So why not try to change a boring into something usefull ?

I have some ideas and I want to try to present something.

To help me, I have recently discover Grails. Yet Another new java framework ? oh yes but this one is really cool. It takes the main idea of Ruby on rails with all java environnement.
The most impressive advantage of Grails is that you can have your next Web 2.0 project done in weeks instead of months.

I have let aside this project for too long and I hope I will keep enough time to advance this project. Moreover I will try to present some info about my advancement. Maybe directly on my twitter account because it's more easier for me for quick update.

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