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Affichage des articles du avril, 2009

Spring has come back

Since, last post one month has passed, again too fast.

Lot's of work in my current job and a lot of desillusion.

However I have found some time to continue my business challenge.
I have open website with a wordpress blog.
I have begin to add some contents.
I have also done a lot of rework to correct the content, suppress duplicate content from other webiste, correct url or have correct categories.

All of this was mainly done for search engine optimization and I am very disappointed of the results.
After having a good classement for "goth corsets" keyword, I have almost now referencing on Google.
I have to understand ...
On the other side, Yahoo is helping me with 4th page for "goth corsets" and "goth corset" results.

In parallel, I am doing some articles for a friend website called