mercredi 28 octobre 2009

My last books from PMBA

I have read four books from PMBA recently.

The power of less from Leo Babauta and The power of full engagement from Jim loehr and Tony Schwartz, two books about Productivity & Effectiveness.
The first one presents how to :
  • break any goal down into manageable tasks
  • focus only on a few task at a time
  • create new and productive habits
  • increase our efficiency.
The second presents that energy, not time, is our most precious resource, how to mobilize our four source of energy (physical, emmotional, mental and spiritual) and the necessity to balance stress with recovery.

I have also read the Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz but i am actually not convinced and it is very complicated to explain it shortly. However you can find an excellent presentation here and here.

Finally I have read Brain rules.
This one is really a fantastic book. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, presents how brain works in twelve chapters. Each chapter presents one important fact about brain.
I can explain it a lot but the best option is to go to the very good website :

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