samedi 21 février 2009

Two months ...

Difficult to maintain a blog when you have so many occupation :)

What's happen during this two months ?

Some trips in les Alpes (skiing) and in London (this city is fanstatic ... if you are rich).

I have finished some books of my personnal mba :
- the unwritten laws of business
- the design of every day things (I am a big fan of it).
- the four hour workweek
I'm reading Making Things happen about project management which is also excelent.
I'm very happy to have discovered personnal MBA and the recommended reading list.
So far they are very good and i'm learning a lot.

I have also read a french book named "Back-offices et marchés financier". The first part explains what is a back office and the second part explains the interest, problems and risks of back-office. This second part is mainly based on the exemple of Baring's case who was sunk by one trader. Written in 1997, he explains the importance of back offices to avoid financial crisis .... yes like the one we are living now.

For personnal project, i have put aside Voxel. I have send questions to the writter of the best paper without response at this time. With all my reads, I have now a good comprehension of the subjet but sadly not enough precise to build my own voxel world.

In fact, I have found more practical interests :
Web marketing and business.

I will explain it in my next post.

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