dimanche 22 février 2009

Business challenge

For some times now, i'm reading about web marketing and business thanks to book like the four hour workweek or the site the thirty day challenge.

I'm doing this test with a friend who has launched his own web site : http://romanticguidetoparis.com/

The main idea is to test the interest of the public to a product before really creating it.

The first step was to search a niche domain where i can create a product. For that, I have used google adword, SEO tools and a very usefull application named Market Samurai.

The niche product is, at this time, only a set of keywords with enough searchs by day, the less possible number of sites already associated to them and site with a weak page rank (the score that google affect to the site to sort the search results).

And i have found : gothic corset.

I have found a avaliable domain name : www.goth-corsets.com.

The next step is to create the site with wordpress and begin to make it known.

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