mardi 9 décembre 2008

Thales, what ?

I have worked one big year at Thales Service and I was so disapointed.

I have worked on two very interesting project on paper : a radar system and a combat management system for a frigate.

Technically they were, at the best case, moderately good. Sometimes awfull.
But the worst was the "political" decisions ruining the progression, the quality and motivation of people working on this project.

So when i see this : ... I want to cry or laugh, your choice.
Maybe, instead of doing 'serious game', Thales can do 'serious project' ?

And when you go here,
You can see the marvelous work of marketing and advertising. You can discover different careers at Thales ... and yes you can see, there is only one people who produce something (although it is mostly a searcher). The others are manager.

And you now understand the problem. They put no interest in project development, in software engineer and, with only managers, you can't do good project in your firm. You can only do outsourcing. But maybe it's the goal of Thales ?

I will come back to Thales when I will be a manager :)

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